Small Talk Series: Yinyin

Small Talk Series: Yinyin

Our Small Talk Series focuses on the amazing men and women who wear Paneros, and are helping to create a more sustainable future for fashion. 

At Paneros, we strive to remind everyone that there are real people involved in every aspect of the fashion industry. That's why it's so important to us to feature the talented people behind the products in our ongoing series, Who Made My Clothes, but it also means you, the customer, who is part of the movement for a more conscious closet. All of this couldn't happen without you, our customer.

Meet Yinyin,

When I was four, my mom and I moved to the United States. I wouldn't have imagined that sixteen years later I would have graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and started my journey to become a User Experience Designer. Through starting college as a chemical engineering major and then finding my passion in designing for social good, I've come to appreciate the present moment.

Yinyin in the Liv Crop Top in Coconut Milk

My interest in sustainable fashion has its roots in thrifting. Back in middle school, I wanted to find my own unique style on a budget and through that discovered the thrill of thrifting. At first, my mom was hesitant to embrace my newfound hobby because of her perception of secondhand clothing. That quickly changed after I took her thrifting for the first time and she found her (now) favorite leather jacket. Afterwards, thrifting became a staple in our routines.

Yinyin in the Mabel Blouse

Growing up in a home that valued simplicity and utility, it makes me really happy to see the fashion industry shifting towards a more sustainable future. This shift will have positive impacts on both the fashion supply chain and our consumer habits.

Yinyin in the Clarence Dress

Mindfulness reminds me to be creative in my daily life, especially when I feel caught up in other things. Some days I find my creativity in crocheting stuffed animals. Other days it might be through styling a thrifted outfit or painting with watercolors. As I transition this a new stage of life, I hope to continue learning news ways of staying present.