Our Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing

We want to share what fabrics our clothes are made from and who makes the clothes here at Paneros.  You might have also read our blog post on the subject of responsible manufacturing, and be sure to meet the individual artisans we work with in our Maker Series

Luxurious Natural & Environmentally-Friendly Fabric Selection

For our women's collection, we source the highest-quality and most luxurious deadstock fabric as much as possible and all of our fabrics are made from natural fibers such as silk, cotton, linen, and high-end, plant-based biodegradable man-made cellulosic fibers (like Tencel and Rayon which come from the wood pulp of trees). The fabrics we use are certified by the Oeko Tex Standard 100 for safe materials free from harmful substances and manufactured in a sustainable and socially responsible way. We also continue to develop our naturally dyed program which uses fewer chemicals and resources to produce. 

"I love looking through and hand-selecting each amazing, luxurious fabric for our upcoming seasons. Working with and spending time with our amazing teams across Indonesia brings me so much joy." -Lauren

Los Angeles Crafting and Design

All design work is done by Lauren in Los Angeles. We work with a local dye house on our one of a kind tie dyes, and a label manufacturer to perfect the customer experience for you.  Our eco-friendly packaging is also produced in the United States. All of our repurposed pieces are sourced and handcrafted in Los Angeles. Los Angeles will always be a source of inspiration and creation for us.

Paneros will never work with factories that employ children or incorporate unsafe or unethical conditions for workers and all of our partners pay a fair living wage.  We personally visit every manufacturer we work with to ensure the ethical practices we hold ourselves to.  Check out some of the individual worker's stories for yourself in our blog.

We take pride in working as hard as we can to find responsible and ethical manufacturing, with the finest artisans, anywhere in the world, that can provide a high-quality garment for you to enjoy forever.  Our international manufacturing partners are an extension of our team here in LA, and we work closely together on a daily basis to create the best products for you.

Balinese Manufacturing

One of our manufacturing partners in Indonesia is a company that has been around since 1988, has some of the latest in technology standards and provides a safe and responsible work environment for their employees.

The factory has placed a significant emphasis both environmental sustainability as well as social responsibility, the type of things we care about deeply at Paneros.  Among numerous other recognitions, the factories have earned the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Program certification dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world, as well as a Business Social Compliance Initiative certification, a leading business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain.  They also participate in programs to improve their use of energy, water and chemicals, as well as environmental standard best practices.

Our other Indonesian manufacturing partners, located in Bali, are small boutique manufacturers that have been around for decades and are dedicated to delivering high-quality garments that are ethically made. They employ some of the best local artisans and craftsmen and specialize in the art of "slow fashion" creating traditional handcrafted garments with intricate beading and embellishments. Unlike traditional factory settings where all of the workers come to the office to work, these small manufacturers work with local artisans in their own communities. 

For the crochet and beading, which is all done by hand, the women work from home so that they can still take care of their families and do not need to move from their villages in order to make an income. Every bead is picked up individually with a needle and sewn on by hand, one by one. The women that create these special pieces have a ton of patience and passion for the work they do.

It is in the spirit of Bali, the Island of the Gods, that these traditional Balinese techniques are passed down through generations and are used to create these artisanal pieces for you. We love to support these artisans which help keep traditional knowledge and skills alive while earning a fair living wage.  They truly create long lasting, special pieces we know you'll love.  The employees love working there, and we have some of their stories to share and hear about what they enjoy in their free time here, and here.