Who Made Your Clothes: Meet Ardana

Who Made Your Clothes: Meet Ardana

Manufacturing Stories: Meet Ardana

Continuing our series featuring who made your clothes, here's another story we think is important to share. Keeping traditional handcrafted skills alive is very important to us at Paneros. We're so excited to feature one of our amazing and talented guys, Ardana. 

Question: What is your name?
My name is Made Ardana. Dana is my nickname.

Question: How long have you worked in the industry for?
I have worked for 10 years here at this job, and 15 years total in the industry.

Question: What is your occupation?
I am in charge of fabric washing, preparing the fabric & materials to send out to complete sewing, dyeing, handling knitting suppliers, packing materials for shipments, occasionally delivering fabrics to the sewing workshops and picking up fabrics from the suppliers.

Question: What do you enjoy about your job?
I am happy when I am working, it’s not too stressful, and I like working with a lot of different people.

Question: What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
I like to walk in the rice fields, and I enjoy gardening as well.

Question: Where did you learn your skills?
I learned from my fellow colleagues. I also like to keep learning new things and I am always happy to learn.

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Learn more about our approach to manufacturing here at Paneros and be on the lookout for more features so you can meet more of who made your clothes! In case you missed it, also meet GedeSara, and all the others in our Journal.