Earth Day 2021 Thoughts

Earth Day 2021 Thoughts

Things to reflect on for Earth Day this year.

It may be easier to point out all the unfortunate road bumps we as a society went through this past year living through a global pandemic, but we can also list the positive outcomes that stemmed from the stay-at-home order. The predominant one is the break we gave our mother earth and the unprecedented chance to be restored. 

This left us with a reduction in cars traveling to and from work, less aviation pollution roaming the skies, and a decrease in toxins in the air generated by factories. The overall discharge of fewer greenhouse gases during the pandemic has left us enjoying the beauty we were far too long taking for granted. 

We thought we would share some ideal habits that originated from the stay-at-home order, beyond remembering to use those recyclable bags we’ve been neglecting in the closet. Here are a few habits that sparked from the stay-at-home order that are here to stay forever, as we set out to seek a path for a healthier planet and a more eco-conscious society.

  • Get to know the outdoors, you’ll probably love it like many others - 
  • Many individuals failed to remember that soaking in some vitamin d is crucial after hours in an office and additional time in a vehicle. When Covid-19 came upon us, we quickly realized that we were taking advantage of the surrounding outdoors we call home. We learned to garden, teach our pups new tricks in the yard, and tend to those backyard projects that sat around unfinished. We learned that earth needs our energy just as much as we need its fresh oxygen and warm touch. 

  • Being aware of disposable and composting food is something most of us didn’t think about before - 
  • As many consumers were taking a break from making home-cooked meals, they looked in the direction of their favorite takeout spots. This left them considering what they shall do with the leftover food scraps for composting and what containers are worth saving. Separating the compost into its own bin will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions we previously discussed and even give those plants enriched soil to grow in. On the other hand, checking to see if that container is recyclable can spare you some tupperware shopping down the road. 

    • In a recent survey that was conducted since the pandemic, 55% of those surveyed reported that they are recycling more than ever before, 43% stated they have used fewer paper products and 44% are slowly eliminating their food disposal. (Source: Green Matters)
  • Moms favorite washcloths are the new sustainable commodity-
  • We all remember mom buying the 100% cotton washcloths that we would use to wash our face or clean with during weekly chores. As the grocery stores noted on shelves “Single box of disinfectant wipes and paper towels per customer”, we pulled out these washcloths that weren’t being put to use for some time. These washcloths scream eco-friendly with their endless reusable factor and quick maintenance of a single wash after use. Using cloths with no microplastics, solely 100% cotton, will simply reduce the entering of toxins in the earth's body of water.

    With just a few of these sustainable habits in mind that were brought to our attention at the beginning of the stay-at-home order makes us wonder why they weren’t stressed much before. Without this global lockdown, our time trying to heal the earth would have continued to be placed on the back burner. As a society, we celebrate earth day once a year but keeping these habits intact will make it feel as if we are praising our home on a daily basis.