Who Made Your Clothes: Meet Pono

Who Made Your Clothes: Meet Pono

Manufacturing Stories: Meet Pono

Continuing our series featuring who made your clothes, here's another story we think is important to share. Keeping traditional handcrafted skills alive is very important to us at Paneros. We're so excited to feature one of our amazing and talented knitters, Pono.

Question: What is your name?
My name is Pono.

Pono grew up on Java Island in Indonesia and has lived in Bali for 25 years. He enjoys the weather and the slower pace of life in Bali.

Question: How long have you been knitting and how did you learn this traditional way to knit?
I have been knitting for 26 years. I'm a fast learner so I learned in about a week from a close friend of mine. I spent a lot of time by myself practicing and learning about patterns and different stitch designs.

What do you enjoy about knitting?
My job brings me a lot of joy because it is an art form. I love being artistic and creative different designs and patterns.

Pono is the sole provider for his family. He provides for his  beautiful wife, Ibu and his daughter who is 21 years old. His daughter takes after his creative side and is am amazing artist herself. She creates beautiful paintings which he hangs in his knitting studio as a proud father.

When Pono isn't working, he enjoys relaxing and spending time with his wife.  


Meeting Pono, felt like I was meeting a long distant family member for the first time. He is so welcoming and warm and his smile lights up the room. Watching him knit, I felt the passion and love he has for his work,  this heritage technique and his pride for keeping it alive.