Daily Spirit

This collection is made to take you from day to night, to take you to wherever you want to go and come back to. It celebrates women, encouraging a daily spirit of confidence, love, passion for life, and a connection to yourself and to Mother Earth. Pieces designed to take you through your daily life for years to come.



All of our suiting pieces are made from a beautiful stock TENCEL™ giving you the confidence to be the boss babe you are, knowing that you're doing good for Mother Earth everytime you wear it.


 Our beautiful printed pieces are hand made from 100% deadstock fabric, helping to create less waste and less pollution. 

The Beaded Charlie Dress is hand beaded by women artisans in Bali and perfect for all of those special moments.
Each style is limited edition, with a sense of compassion for our earth and our resources as we are not mass producing. We’ve worked with our partners on a slower fashion model to create these beautiful pieces that will travel with you, wherever you go. Each piece is handmade with love from Indonesia. With the softest handfeel, perfect fit, and effortlessness to each style, you can wear at home or wherever life takes you. Forever pieces to grow with you, travel with you, love with you, be there with you for all of your life’s moments.

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