Island Escape

This collection, designed with you in mind, embraces individuality, sustainability and inclusiveness. We wanted to create a collection that was for everyBODY.

Capturing the essence of the Hawaiian Islands, our Aloha shirts and bucket hats pay tribute to their beautiful array of colors and importance of nature.

Sourced and handcrafted in Los Angeles, our up-cycled  one of a kind shirts help protect Mother Earth by reducing water, energy, chemicals and waste. We’ve sourced the highest quality shirts available and only selected ones that were made from natural and semi synthetic fibers (silk, linen, cotton, rayon).

We rescued a small batch of leftover Hawaiian printed hats from a warehouse in Los Angeles to give them a new life. These up-cycled  handcrafted hats are made from 100% cotton. They’re the perfect hat for all of your sunny days. Toss them in your beach bag, suitcase or backpack and bring them with you everywhere.

The tie dyes you see are handcrafted in Los Angeles by a group of skilled artisans. Each bead and rhinestone are selected, placed, and sewn on to each garment individually by hand. Every piece is handcrafted and unique from the next. 


Say Aloha to your new favorite shirt and hat. Perfect for him, for her, for you, for everyBODY.